Free Play Casino Bonuses

What is a free play casino bonus? For about a year there has been online casinos which decided to give away money in the form of “Free Play Casino Bonuses” which meant that the player is given a chance to win real money which could be cashed out. At free play casinos, a player downloads the casino software and registers as a real player. When they log onto the casino within the main lobby there will be a link to click on to start the “Free Play Casino”, which is a flash version of the main casino. Some of these free play casino bonuses are on a time clock. If that is the case the player will see the clock ticking, others just give a certain amount of free spins.

Once the play is completed the player will be allowed to collect any winnings on the casino bonus, at which time the winnings would be transferred into the main lobby. From there the money can be withdrawn. Above is a list of free play casino bonuses available.

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